Dealing with eRRoRs

Egrebor can follow instructions to the letter - which is both a good thing and a bad thing. For example, write the following program

save it under "wrong_move.rur", and try to execute it. Egrebor will complain in his own particular way. This is because, to Egrebor, the letters M and m (uppercase and lowercase respectively) are different.

Your turn

Make sure you try it to see exactly what happens. In the future, if you see the same kind of complaint from Egrebor, it might help you discover what's wrong with your program. In other words, you will find how to recognize one kind of bug. You will learn more about bugs a bit later. Well, you might learn sooner rather than later, if you write your own programs with bugs in them!


What is the shortest valid program you can write? By valid program, we mean one that Egrebor will execute without giving any error messages. Make sure you try it to see if this simple program works as expected.

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