Reeborg explores its world

Reeborg is capable of only four basic actions: moving one step forward, turning left, picking up and putting down beepers. Through the magic of programming, you will learn to have Reeborg combine those four basic actions in order to perform very complicated tasks. Before you learn how to do all this, I'll take you through a quick guided tour to find out where Reeborg's world is and what it looks like.

When you are ready, select the second page of the notebook, by clicking on the tab RUR: Code and Learn, as illustrated below.

Robot: Code and Learn tab

The display will then look something like the illustration below. To the left is the program window and to the right is the Robot World.


Reeborg's world is organised in streets and avenues. These are just convenient names we use to identify Reeborg's location. Reeborg can move in four directions: north (up on your screen), east (towards the right of the screen), south (down on your screen) and west (left on the screen). Initially, Reeborg is located on the corner of the first street and the first avenue, facing towards the east, and is ready to move in that direction.

Your turn

Click on Reeborg to wake him up! Don't expect him to react but, believe me, you just woke him up. Now, have Reeborg move using the up-arrow and left-arrow on your keyboard. The up-arrow key forces Reeborg to take a step forward and the left-arrow key makes him turn left.


What happens if you attempt to make Reeborg move beyond the world boundary?

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