It's raining!

It was a beautifully sunny day. Reeborg was playing outside with his friend. Suddenly, it started to rain and Reeborg remembered that the windows in his house were all open. So Reeborg went back to his house and stopped in front of the door, unsure of how to proceed.

Reeborg - rain

Help Reeborg close the windows of his house. A closed window, in Reeborg's world, has a beeper in front of it. When Reeborg finishes his task, he will stand in the doorway, watching the rain fall, waiting for it to stop before he can go back and play outside, as illustrated below.

Reeborg - rain

The world file is rain1.wld; Reeborg carries more thanenough beepers to accomplish his task.

Reeborg's friend's turn.

Erdna, Reeborg's friend, lives in a bigger house. Erdna was playing outside with Reeborg when it started raining. Help Erdna close the windows in his house. The starting position is:

Erdna - rain

The corresponding world file is rain2.wld.

When Erdna is finished, she too will be standing in the doorway of his house as illustrated below.

Erdna - rain

One program should be enough!

Verify to see if the program you wrote to help Erdna close the windows in his house can be used by Reeborg to do the same for his house. If not, change it so that it works for both Erdna and Reeborg.

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